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CARPENTER ANTS removal servicesIn New York, there are many types of ant that you could find infesting your home. Argentine Ants, Crazy Ants, Little Black Ants, and Pavements Ants just to name a few.  

Correct identification is the first step in alleviating the issue since every species has different control methods. If you use the wrong approach, a little ant issue can invade your whole property. 

Ant control is essential, but prevention is even more imperative. When it comes to picking the best pest control company in NY to get rid of ants in your business or home, you must search for someone who not only knows how to eliminate existing ants but stops them in the future.

Ants are problematic in properties since they contaminate and feed on food, construct ugly mounds in lawns, and infest structures. Sometimes, ants deliver painful stings and bites. 

Ants don’t feed on wood or fabrics. However, some species can form nests in rotting wood. Our NY pest control services use proven techniques to ensure you’re ant free forever. We serve all of the Huntington, Huntington Station, Suffolk County, Nassau County, New York areas. 

Doing away with ants is priority number one in our ant control program, and guaranteeing they don’t return is our mission. We’ll help detect any conditions encouraging your ant development and use preventive control treatments that will help keep your property ant-free all year long. Also, we’ll offer advice on how to protect against future ant infestations.

If you have any ant issues in your home or business, let our ant exterminators come and handle it. Whether it is inside or outside your property, don’t let those nasty creatures be a pest issue any longer. Call us and let’s discuss what ant treatment plan will work best for you.

CARPENTER ANTS removal services CARPENTER ANTS removal services


Stop Carpenter Ants in Their Track with Our Pest Extermination Service

CARPENTER ANTS removal services

CARPENTER ANTS removal services

The name carpenter ants come from the fact that they form their nests in wood. Carpenter ants are typically the larger of the ant species that you will see. Once the ant queen has hollowed out plenty of room for her nest, she nurtures her first offspring of worker ants until they are ready to start hunting for food and preparing for the next generation of carpenter ants. 

A colony can be over 2,000 carpenter ants. While they don´t feed on wood like termites, they can destroy any wood structure if their nest goes untreated and undetected. If this wood is in the home or business, the cost of damage repairs can be high. 

Carpenter ants regularly feed on other living or dead insects. Also, they love anything from meat to sugary sweets. 


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Carpenter ants love damp, wet wood to make their nests. You will frequently see them around firewood and old tree stumps. However, they can find their way into properties in which the wood is damaged and wet due to excessive moisture. There are carpenter ants that can adapt to drier environments.

While carpenter ants don’t transmit disease, they can do harm your property if they can nest in the wood. The tunnels they make can deteriorate the structure and create a need for expensive repairs in your home or business.

The climate and environment in New York offer perfect conditions for carpenter ants. Statistics show that your home or business is more likely to be destroyed by carpenter ants than storm or fire damage.

By hiring us, rest assured you will enjoy professional carpenter ant pest control and a pest control program for preventing future carpenter ants from invading your home or business. 


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