Carpenter Bees Are a Thing of the Past Thanks to Our Long Island Exterminators

CARPENTER BEES HuntingtonIf honeybees are known as “social” bees, then carpenter bees can be referred to as “anti-social” bees. A carpenter bee will make a nest only for itself and its young. Many bees don’t live in the same hive or nest. Their name come from their ability to get into the wood and make nesting channels.

The carpenter bees collect pollen and nectar to take back to the nest and feed their young. Usually, a carpenter bee will drill into soft wood to lay their eggs. They can make holes as long as 10 feet. The female puts the wood dust outside the nest, and it is the male’s job to safeguard the nest. The pollination they give is helpful. But, the carpenter bee has a smooth stinger, meaning they can sting more than once. 

Allow our bee exterminators resolve your issue in a manner that is fast, affordable, and safe. We perform our services in conjunction with our pest management, carpenter bee extermination program for Huntington, NY residents. Our eco-friendly pest control program uses the latest techniques, materials, equipment, and strategies to exterminate your problem and to stop it from returning.

Although the carpenter bee doesn’t eat the wood, it can basically “drill you” out of your property by making your exterior look like Swiss cheese. That damages the structural integrity of your property. 

Additionally, while the male is aggressive and intimidating, often flying in front of folks who are around the nests, it’s the female that can bring the pain. Female carpenter bees, if nervous, can lay on a painful sting.

In the early summer, property owners usually see big, black bees flying around the outside of their properties. These are carpenter bees looking for mates and ideal sites to build their nests. 


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