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The thought of a mouse running across your kitchen floor should be motivation enough to invest in some time finding out how to eliminate mice immediately and not wait until the problem has grown. 

Mice and rat issues can rapidly get out of control and pose a threat to your quality of life and health. From damaging food to salmonella and Hantavirus, as well as harming insulation and wiring, there are plenty of negatives when it comes to a mouse and rat infestation problems.

An infestation strengthens the need for a thorough rodent pest control plan. Smart prevention and the assistance of a mice exterminator in NYC can help to make rodents a non-issue. 

If your rodent issue is currently out of control, hire a professional pest control company. If you want to know the best business for mice control near me, you want to call us at Pest Control Huntington NY.

Our exterminators will send those rodents packing and gone once and for all. Mice and rats transmit diseases to humans and pets in numerous ways, such as infected food with rodent droppings and urine, biting, and mites. 

We strive to stay up-to-date with all of the latest rodent control products and techniques to make sure that our customers get the best rodent treatment service to keep their buildings and homes rodent free. Centered upon the very swift rate that the mice population can increase, it is straightforward to figure out that just a couple of mice can produce a harsh rodent infestation in a minimal amount of time. 

Mice are some of the more common unwanted guests found in Huntington’s homes and businesses. Are you hearing constant scratching at night behind your walls? Have you noticed droppings in the kitchen or basement? If so, then you certainly have a rodent infestation issue.

Rodents can cause property damage by biting away at furniture and walls, as well as contaminate food sources. Moreover, their urine and droppings can also produce sickness. In some of the more severe cases, they can even spread the diseases to pets and children, if bitten. 

We offer businesses and homeowners a vast variety of non-lethal means to stop their rodent issue with affordability and ease. 

We are current on the latest rat and mouse control methods. A junky basement is a real paradise for mice and rats. One of the practical lessons we have learned is that no two properties are the same when it comes to rodent infestations. Some building materials can be more encouraging to infestations than others, and the layout of your property structure has its own sets of challenges.

From sealing those hidden entry points to applying green mice poison,  we promise to end your mice and rats infestation. You are probably wondering if our rodent pest control is right for you. Luckily, our expert staff can answer all of your questions. Regardless how bad you think your mice or rat problem is, or whether those nasty creatures are on your property, we’ve got the best solution for you.

Mice Control Huntington Mice Control Huntington

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