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​​In New York, mosquitoes are a huge problem. If you’re doing yard work or at a picnic, mosquitoes are nearby.

Mosquitoes are in most instances just a nuisance. Mosquito bites create itching and mild swelling. However, mosquitoes feed on blood and can transmit dangerous diseases, like West Nile, heartworm, malaria, or Eastern Equine Encephalitis.

We’re all accustomed to those annoying mosquitoes that buzz around and sometimes bite us. 

When you call us for mosquito control services, our exterminators examine your property, taking note of possible mosquito breeding spots. These are places that hold water like gutters, bird baths, etc. Our first piece of advice is to remove these areas of standing water. 

It is crucial that you empty bird baths and other water-filled areas every week to help avoid a mosquito problem. Once we finish our assessment, we’ll offer a pest treatment plan for your backyard mosquito control job. Mosquito control is very imperative in stopping several diseases.  

If you’re sick of fighting annoying mosquitoes in your yard all summer long, there is a practical and easy solution for to you. We’re proud to offer the best mosquito spraying in NYC. As a knowledgeable outdoor pest control service company, we provide useful services and products that will alter your yard into the peaceful, pest-free place you and yours have always wanted.

Most people consider mosquitoes as just annoying. But over the last few years, we have learned just how critical it is to protect ourselves from the damaging effects caused by mosquito bites. Mosquitoes transmit diseases that present serious health threats. Our mosquito control experts help you with their years of experience, are pleased to talk with you about a pest management strategy for stopping mosquitoes from wreaking havoc in and around your property.  

Nothing can ruin and disrupt an outdoor event (graduation party or wedding) like hordes of biting, buzzing mosquitoes. Planning a special event is taxing enough, but attempting to plan around the irritation of mosquitoes is just a waste of time. Keep your event functioning as scheduled with our mosquito control spray. 

This available pest control treatment, applied by our skilled mosquito exterminators, is the ideal way to keep unwanted, flying guests away from any outdoor event. The powerful formula is sprayed in a border around the designated outdoor area, keeping pests out and letting you and your guests enjoy the festivities. For any celebration, our mosquito control treatment gets rid of the need for nets, extra layers of clothing, and bug sprays. 

Schedule your service by contacting us at least seven days before your event. One or two days before your party, our exterminators will apply the spray and include other protection against biting flying insects. That is what you need to keep everyone comfortable. 

We apply our mosquito spray long before your guests arrive. It helps in delivering protection during both day and night hours. It dries quickly and leaves no visible residue or odor. 


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