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When matched with other pests, termites are the most hazardous to your most significant investment, your property. These fertile pests attack your foundation via underground tunnels and can usually go undetected, allowing them to cause substantial damage. When it comes to termite control, Huntington residents depend on Pest Control Huntington NY to swiftly locate the source of the issue and deliver long-lasting results.

Because of the harm that termites can do, government environment agencies all agree that getting professional help ASAP is needed if you believe you have termites on your property. You can begin the process by reaching out to us!

We’ll schedule one of our termite exterminators to meet you at your property at your earliest convenience to perform a complete inspection and give you an estimate. 

Termites aren’t just hunting for food. They also need water to live. Keep these pests away by eliminating any moist or damp areas, like leaky outdoor faucets and standing water in the kiddie pool. If necessary, take care of any drainage problems or enhance ventilation to make your property and the outdoor area less inviting to these pesky pests.

Termites are tough pests that are hard to control and treat. They create healthy underground colonies that expand like wildfire. Reproductives swarm in the springtime. Meanwhile, termites on dry land stay busy building mud tubes that guide thousands of cellulose-eating insects to new food resources, like your home or business. Subterranean termites cause more than $4 billion in structural damage every year. Experts estimate that termites damage more homes than all natural disasters together.

Sadly, most homeowners don't know that they have a termite issue until the bugs have begun destroying their property structure. Warm indoor temperatures arouse termites and can even make them swarm in the wintertime. Because numerous termite infestations go undetected, it's crucial to get frequent inspections. Our licensed termite and pest control experts have the tools, right insecticides, and skills to treat the issue.

Termites are devious pests for property owners to manage. And because they can affect the structural integrity of your home or business, it’s vital that you take care of them correctly and immediately. In fact, even pest control companies, whether it is Arrow Pest Control or Terminix,  need to get exclusive licensing and an active approach to effectively combat them for you. Lucky for you, we’ve got the ability and expertise to manage your termite problem. Call us and tell us some details so we can best evaluate your specific situation. 

Termites terrorize almost any structure with their continuous quest for wood-based or wood materials. Despite the substantial damage termites can bring, an infestation may go ignored for months due to their strange feeding habits. Contact us to schedule a visit from one of our experienced Huntington termite exterminators who can examine for termites both inside and outside your property. 

If needed, we will take care of the soil around your property and any spaces in your walls that termites may have attacked. 

TERMITE Control Huntington TERMITE Control Huntington

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