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Tick spraying & control Huntington

​​In general, you find ticks in the open warmer areas such as: 

  • Brush line
  • Wooded regions
  • Lawn areas
  • Lawn edges 
  • Edge of Plantings
  • Decorative plantings

Particular attention is needed to target areas in which birds and other small animal love to reside. Areas like woodpiles, brush piles, trash areas, and bird feeders are target spots, key areas where you will find ticks. 

We are prepared to safeguard you from ticks in our Huntington, NY area. Our exterminators use a customary barrier spray. This treatment is a complete form of defense against ticks. The barrier spray will kill ticks immediately. Also, it will lessen the tick population if used through the season.

We are serious about stopping the spread of Lyme disease. We know that tick-borne illness is growing in the US. Using a professional tick and pest control company is the most critical way of protecting your property and your occupants from Lyme disease. We can offer you a detailed timeline that clarifies the most vital times to treat with the barrier spray.

If you’re going for a walk in the woods or working in your garden, ticks may be lurking in the grass and bushes. Ticks are a rising safety and health threat because they spread devastating illnesses like Lyme Disease.

Studies estimate that over 250,000 Americans are sickened every year by Lyme Disease through tick bites. Our tick control treatments are safe for everyone, but not for ticks. We can assist you in enjoying your time outside while decreasing the threat from tick-borne diseases.

The most common form is the deer tick. It has dark legs, which differs from its pale body. These ticks like to feed on white-tailed deer’s blood, which is where their name originated. Deer ticks want to hide in shrubs and grass. They often get into a property by pets and mice. 

For the past decade, the tick population has increased at a terrifying rate. As ticks grow throughout the US, they carry with them fatal illnesses like Lyme disease which can directly transfer to humans and pets. Ticks usually thrive in high-grass or wooded areas. But, they can increase in any outdoor space where there is shrubbery, leaves, or grass is on the ground. Ticks can also be carried into inhabited areas by rodents and deer. For these reasons, tick control is becoming more imperative than ever.

Ticks are parasites that live on warm-blooded hosts like dogs, cats, deer, and humans. These little pests can cause huge issues. Besides Lyme Disease, ticks can be carriers of Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, Bartonella, Ehrlichiosis and more. For example, the cause of Lyme disease and other infections is the bite of an infected deer tick, a tick species that is widespread in the Northeast. 

If untreated, these diseases can bring about numerous health issues and life-threatening illnesses.  You probably have heard of a few of these diseases. But, even if you aren’t aware of the others, we can help shield you and yours from being bitten. 

Tick spraying & control Huntington Tick spraying & control Huntington

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